Adding / Editing Information & Finding / Merging Duplicates

There are 3 goals to this module. Family Tree is an ever evolving data tree. New sources of information are found that give a more specific date to a birth, marriage, or death event. The spelling of a name might change based upon a more completed document, or you may not initially know the complete name. You enter what you know, backup up by sources. Changing information based on new facts is a constant endeavor as we improve the accuracy of what is displayed for our ancestors. Knowing how to add, edit, or even delete information is therefore an important skill to have.

Over multiple decades of collecting Family Group Sheets, and names entered through the extraction program, and from other sources, it is not uncommon that an ancestor may have duplicated records in Family Tree. This does create complications, as one individual record may contain birth information, and another record may contain a death date. One of the goals of Family Tree is to have ONE record for ONE individual!