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We currently have two computer classrooms. We have 23 computer workstations in Lab 1, and 12 in Lab 2. There is an instructor computer in each classroom as well.

We will assign your group to a specific lab depending on the size of your group, and availability of missionaries, once we receive your activity request.

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Types of Activities
Discovery Activity
Qualifying Your Newly Found Temple Name
Basic Introduction to Family Tree
Group Training by Ward/Stake Leaders
Training For Indexing

FamilySearch has been very proactive in developing "discovery experiences" to help us better learn about our ancestors. It is in the process of seeing photographs, reading their stories, listening to their voices that we truly connect generations. Those ancestors become very real people to us, rather than "a name" that we take to the temple.

Each group member will log into their FamilySearch account and they will then have access to 4 "discovery experiences" that will help them to better visually interact with their ancestral heritage. We also have a large interactive touchscreen TV that can be accessed as well

One of the most popular ones is the "Picture My Heritage" application that allows them to select from a variety of old photographs and insert their face into that photo. This activity is a fun one for the youth, creating an opportunity for parents to bring their children back to the library for discovery experiences.

Other app experiences will pull up the stories about an ancestor, or will give them a list of facts about events happening when they were born.

Because there is limited time during the visit to fully appreciated all the aspects of discovery, we hope that the group members will bring back their families. We have many other discovery activities prepared for families that provide a fun and meaningful experience in family history.

This activity is led by one of our missionaries who will take them through the experiences and create discussion about why family history work is so important.

So you have received emails from FamilySearch that there are ancestors with ordinances available. Or, perhaps you used the general "data mining" apps like "Hope Chest" or "Take a Name" that give you a list of names needing ordinances. Many of these names will have data problems, or relationship errors that need to be corrected before you request the ordinances.

Would you like to learn how to make sure that those names are truly ready for temple work? There is a process that some have called "Interviewing Your Ancestors", that helps take you through the process of looking for discrepancies in dates, relationships, and duplicate names.

We can instruct your group in this process.

If your group is new to Family Tree, we can help by teaching some basic navigation skills, learn the menus, check their "Settings", and if time, even attach a "Record Hint". We have regular Family Tree classes in a series of 6 lessons that go into much more detail about Family Tree. This activity would be basically the first lesson of this series.

Stake or Ward Temple & Family History Consultants may wish to use our computer labs to train their Stake or Ward members. Please feel free to request a date & time for such activity. These consultants will be responsible to do the training. In the form submission process, choose "Just Need to Reserve a Lab".

Our library has dedicated both computer labs on Wednesday evenings for indexing activities and support. We have specialists in indexing that are available to help individuals. If you wish to schedule a group, we will need to make special arrangements.

Important Tips

From our long time experiences providing group activities, there is ONE specific problem that comes up with almost every group.

**Access to FamilySearch**

We find that there are still the 10% of group members that have forgotten passwords, don't have accounts, etc. The activity requires access to their account. Trying to recover account information during the class is a time consuming and frustrating experience. These attempts also require either access to phones or email addresses tied to that member's account and these are often not available.

BEFORE COMING TO THE ACTIVITY, PLEASE ENSURE THAT EACH GROUP MEMBER 1) has an account, and 2) brings their login information with them.

1. ANY days that do not have a "Reserved" label are open days to schedule.

2. You may see a "Reserved" label on the day you would like to to schedule. We have TWO labs that can be scheduled, one can hold up to 16 people, and the other up to 23 people. If you hover your cursor over the "Reserved" label, a small dialog box opens and shows what lab has been reserved. You may schedule the other lab if the size of your group fits within that available lab.

3. You may notice two small colored boxes to the right of a "Reserved" label. This means that both labs have been scheduled for that time period.

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To make the best use of time, we like to start by 6:30 PM. The general library closes by 8:00 PM.

Once you have completed and submitted this form, we will send a confirmation email to you that your request has been processed. If you do not hear from us within 48 hours, please contact us at 208-524-5291 and let us know.

If you need to request cancellation of your activity, please do so at least a week ahead of time to allow others to schedule an activity time.

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Please note that you are NOT SCHEDULED until you receive a confirmation email. We will send you a confirmation email within 24-48 hours. If you do not hear from us, please check your SPAM folder, and if still no email from us, please contact us at the library (208-524-5291).

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