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What is an Ancestor?
What is Genealogy?
Keep Me! Protect Me! Share Me! ... And I Will Live Forever!
Every Family Has a Story
Your Family Tree Explained!

Why We Do Family History

"Their Hearts Are Bound to You"
Clan McCloud
"The Power To Heal"
Pray To Be Lead By The Holy Ghost
Primary children describe what they think is an "ancestor".
Primary children describe what they think the word "Genealogy" means.
Every family has a story…What's Yours? This video clip would show the struggles of a young woman in today's world. As she reads and discovers all the challenges and life successes of her ancestors, she finds great comfort in that knowledge.
How do you describe what a "great uncle"or a "2nd cousins twice removed" is? Take a whirlwind tour through this great description. You may have to do it several times :)
President Eyring explains to us how the hearts of our ancestors are turned to us to complete their work, and how we do not work alone in this work.
We all have our heritage. Watch this cute video of a young boy who wants to learn to play the bagpipes, and the challenges the family & neighborhood faced as he gained experience. The family, with a Scottish heritage, begins to find a greater interest in their heritage, as they learn more about that heritage.