Four Ways to Become a "Gatherer"

Gather By Preserving Your Family Photos, Stories & Documents

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Get Your Family Together & Try Some of These Ideas
Start collecting your family photos into one location, one for your immediate family and another for your ancestors.

Begin by identifying the people you know in the photos. Those that you don't know? Time to begin asking other family members for help! Don't let those people become "nameless faces".

Create fun family or individual stories or "memories" in Family Tree.

They say that a picture is worth a "thousand words". How much better though is a great photo that has a fun short story attached to it?

Start collecting stories from your parents & grandparents. Edit the stories into individual brief "memories". Put them into Family Tree so they can be easily shared and remembered always. Unless preserved, those fun stories will be forgotten.

AND…don't forget to create and share your own memories with your posterity. There is no one better to write them than YOU.

I try to create a "photo/story" once a week about something that happened in my life, and then SHARE that memory or story with my children & grandchildren. These "memories" will be what my posterity remember me by.

View a couple of examples below that I wrote and shared to my posterity.

Pull out some of those family vacation VHS tapes and watch them as a family.
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Did you realize that VCR players are no longer being manufactured? What will you play your tapes on when your player is broken, and there are no more VCRs available?

You can schedule some time at the library to watch one of your VHS tapes on our 32" screen, while it is recording your tape to a DVD.

OR …

We have equipment here at the library to help you digitize your VHS tapes, so they can be watched from any computer and be easily shared with other family members. Ask us how to do this!!
Come To The Library & Learn How to Edit Photos

Don't throw away that poor quality photo of grandpa Wilbur yet! Often, using a few simple photo editing tools, can greatly enhance that photo. We have classes on how to edit photos, but are also quite willing to sit down with you and show you how.

Hover over any of the images below to see the "after edit" look.
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These images were edited with a free online photo editor called "Pixlr", using 6 basic editing tools. We have classes on how to do this, or we can also sit down with you and show you how to do it.

Interview a family member, like grandparents, aunts/uncles, or even parents.
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Okay…we don't have a room quite as nice as this, but it is private and a great place to ask parents or grandparents questions about their life.

We will video record the interview, give you a copy of that. The audio will be split off to a separate file. This can be edited into separate little stories which you can then upload to Family Tree Memories.

We can help you with this at our library.

(Room coming early 2019)
Do you have any cassette tapes with ancestor interviews on them?

Audio recordings of our ancestors as they tell stories of their lives can be inspiring. These recordings become a part of them, and add to their legacy.

Can you imagine listening to a Danish great grandmother singing a primary song with her Danish accent?

We can help you digitize your cassette tape audio recordings so they can easily be played back on your computer. What a wonderful way of saving a digital file of your ancestor's stories in a shareable digital format! You can even load digital recordings up to 15 megabytes in size to Family Tree to share with others. With some simple editing you can break down a long interview into smaller "soundbytes" of individual stories.

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Learn more about the importance of photos by watching this short video clip.
Create a fun video composition of a family event.
Do you have any old 8mm / Super 8mm films? Pull out the projector & screen and have a family movie night.

We have explored different options at our library to help you preserve your film movies. For now, you might think about ways to get your movies digitized commercially to preserve them. Over time they will begin to get more brittle, will warp, and such to the point of no longer being viewable.

Once you have a digital movie file, we can help you screen capture some of the "characters" in the file that can be saved as a separate photo file. I found a photo of my great grandfather in a segment of film. I had no other photos of him previously. Film can be useful for a variety of different things, but has to be digitized first.

Come to the library and we can help you with this.

Here are some other ideas to consider as you "Preserve Your Heritage"

Gather By Adding New Ancestors & Descendant Cousins to Family Tree

Log into your family pedigree, and look for blue icons that represent record hints. Explore what the hint is about and attach to your ancestor.
Learn more about "Descendancy Research" so you can start finding lots of new family names to add to Family Tree and complete their temple work.
Use your Ward Temple & Family History Consultant to help you attach new facts to your family tree.
Take some classes at the library here to help you learn to use some really handy tools to help you find new pieces of information.
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Explore what the hint is about. It could be a US Census record showing where your ancestor lived and who was in the household. It could be a Draft Registration record that shows the physical description of your ancestor. Take time to explore everything in the record. You are seeing a bit of history about your ancestor.
Keep your mind and heart open to the Spirit. It is not unusual to feel the yearning they have for you to get to know them. You don't need to worry about "research" yet.
Try attaching Record Hint to your ancestor. These hints become "sources" that will add additional "story" about your ancestor's life events. If you need some help in doing this, your ward consultant or we can help you with this.
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Gather By Helping to Index Digitized Records

Contact your Ward Temple & Family History Consultant to help you get started, or come down on Wednesday evenings for missionary help.
Commit to 30" each Sunday for 6 weeks. You may just get addicted.
With the new web indexing, you can index almost anywhere.
Watch these cute videos below as a family about indexing

Gather Living Friends & Family to the Lord's Kingdom - Be a Missionary!

Try some of these ideas with your friends.

Pick some friends and introduce them to family history.
Bring them to the FamilySearch Library. We can help get them setup with an account.
Use the large touchscreen interactive TV at the library for a "discovery" experience with them.
Invite the Ward Consultant to help them with finding people in their tree.

“The artificial boundary line we so often place between missionary work and temple and family history work is being erased; this is one great work of salvation.” —Elder David A. Bednar

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