Connect With Your Family - Both Living & Deceased

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Where Do I Start?

Some Ideas to Consider

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Create And Share Fun Family Video

Many of us have our libraries of family VHS tapes sitting on shelves. Spice up a fun family event and share it with family members. Click HERE to watch a cute family reunion composition.

Connect With Your Deceased Family by Attending the Temple

Don't forget the importance of completing the temple work for your deceased family. After learning about your ancestor, you will find and feel a much greater connection to them.

Share Your Stories & Photos With Living Family Members

I find it so interesting how we begin to treat others differently after finding out that an individual is actually a cousin. A couple of years ago, our ward had a "cousins party". We had all gone on to and created a ward family group. Since my ancestral family tended to be small, and mostly out of California, I was really excited when I found that I was related to a large number of my ward family. The realization that we were cousins, even though it may have been back many generations helped me to see them in a different light and a "connection" was made. Wouldn't our world be different if we realized that we all are truly connected and one family?

I remember finding our old family photos from 40 - 60 years ago when we, as kids, were young. Memories flooded back about the times we visited with our cousins, played on the raft in the small lake near my grandparent's country home, or drove to a summer camp in my grandmother's pink Cadillac. My first thoughts were to share these photos with my cousins. My family always seemed to be the one taking the home movies or photographs, so my cousins did not have this wonderful media. I have shared many of these photos with them over the years. My aunt passed away a year ago, and my cousin was expressing feelings of sadness not having her mom around. I shared some beautiful wedding day photos of my aunt with my cousin. Sharing our heritage can help others

Sharing the memories of our families we have through stories, photos, movies and such is a strong way of connecting with others. While trying to find out more information about my great-uncle Parley, I saw that another person had been posting some information about him on I contacted her and found out that Parley was her grandfather, that she had never met him, and that she knew very little about him. Her father and he had a "falling out" before she was born and never wanted to talk about him. It just so happened that I have a lot of photos of Parley, and young photos of her father, as well as letters, and other items. She was really grateful when I shared those with her. Connecting is about SHARING and supporting others in our great heavenly family.

Remember this. If you just upload your photos and stories, you will probably be discouraged to discover that no one takes the time to look at them. You must get others to come to the photos and stories, by SHARING a link with them to your family photos & stories. Then all they need to do is to click on that link and they will be taken to that photo or story.

Create Small Media Clips to Share With Others

Use a simple video editor to create short "video bytes" to share with others. Years ago, my mom was telling us some stories about her early life and I thought it would be fun to put together some video clips & photos of the life event she was describing. I created this video clip of her narrating her memories about the types of camping trips that they would go on. Watch that video clip HERE.

Use Adobe Spark to create some fun ways to share an ancestor's history. A few years ago, I found a couple of old photos labeled John McAninch, one in traditional Irish dress, along with a couple "tidbits" of information, a newspaper clipping, and a couple of brief notes about him. I dug in and with a lot of Google searching, found out information about "his story". I thought it would be fun to create a brief multimedia presentation about him and his family using some of the photos, facts, and more that I had found out about him. Using a free online application by Adobe called Adobe Spark, I created this presentation that is shareable with others through a simple internet link. You can watch it HERE if you like and maybe it will give you a few ideas that you and your family could do.

Find a Good Photo, Write a Story About It, Then Share It With Family

Each week, take a cool memorable photo that has a great story to it. Upload your photo to Family Tree and then attach a story about the photo to it. It's nice to add a little "life learning story" about the story and photo. Be sure to SHARE IT with your family, grandkids, cousins, etc. Here is an example to help give you an idea about what this looks like — Click Here

Connect With Cousins on Family Tree

As you enter photos, stories, or even just informational facts about an ancestor, you will notice that others are also sharing information about them. Often, they are collateral line cousins that you may have never met also bit with the "family history bug". Click on their blue name link and send them an introductory message or email introducing yourself. This is probably one of the most fun things about Family Tree, that of actually finding LIVING cousins. Don't forget that they will have pieces of your family tree that you do not have, and even some photos of your ancestors.

One year my wife found that someone had placed a photo of her dad dressed in his Army uniform standing outside an Army building up in Alaska. She had never seen that photo of her dad before. I also have been able to share photos that I have of my ancestors with other cousins. Family Tree is kind of like a "Facebook" social platform for us to connect and collaborate with each other on our family lines.

Watch This Fun Video About This Importance of Connecting & Belonging